Extreme G12 Invisible White Glow in the Dark Powder

Extreme G12 White Glow in the Dark Powder

check-mark-small.jpg Initial brilliance - Soft White-with blue tinge

check-mark-small.jpg Day Color-White, virtually invisible on white/light backgrounds

check-mark-small.jpg Highest Commercial Grade Paint on Market-Guaranteed

check-mark-small.jpg After Glow - 4 Plus hours

check-mark-small.jpgWhy is White higher priced? Certain colors on the color spectrum are difficult to manufacture. White falls into this category.

check-mark-small.jpg  Afterglow Properties is ten times greater than the current ZnS (zinc sulfide) based pigments.

check-mark-small.jpg Shelf life of over 10 years

check-mark-small.jpg Advanced LIGHT EMITTING TECHNOLOGY used

check-mark-small.jpg Can be recharged over and over forever   

Type: Unknown Type

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