Glow Home Safety



Our new long after glow phosphorescent products allow you to bring industrial grade safety into your home. These products (everything but the solvent based paints) are non-toxic and non-radioactive but glow for hours on a single charge. These products are charged via any ambient light, such as sunlight, fluorescent light, and incandescent light fixtures.
You can use our luminous products to increase your safety around the home. You never know when a power outage or fire will happen and these products can help save lives by illuminating exits, hallways, doors, and stairs. Glow in the dark products can also be used for everyday living. Bathrooms can be illuminated allowing you to see where things are.

You Need:

  1. Luminous materials such as our glow paint or glow powder. Solvent Based Long After Glow Paints (all colors except for red and orange) This paint will glow for up to 12 hours. It is a solvent based medium. If you want to create your own solvent based paint, use our Green Glow Powder pigment for best results. You can get this paint in other colors but they will not glow as long.
  2. Applicator such as a brush, roller, or spray gun. If using a spray gun you will need to use a stencil for best results. Rollers and brushes are easier but leave brush marks, while the spray gun will not.

Plan where you will paint before painting. The location of your luminous paint will be very important in times of emergency. Paint areas where you will need to see such as stair cases, exits, fire extinguishers etc. Paint areas low to the ground because in situations where smoke is present you will need to have the lighting close to the floor.
For non-emergency lighting such as bathrooms, hall ways, closets, etc. use the luminous materials to outline potential problem items. Example, outline toilets, sinks, and tubs so that you do not have to turn the light on during the night.
Tape off area to be painted. If you are using solvent based paints keep area well ventilated and/or wear breathing protection. In areas where there will be a lot of friction apply a clear over coat to protect it.