Glow Novelty Items and Toys




I recently bought some glow powder and I honestly have been goin wild making tons of things. One thing that I just finished was a hardwood pair of nunchaku. I used a polyurethane satin hardwood finish on them after I painted them white, so they would glow better. I used three layers of the polyurethane (mixed with a 1/4 glowpowder ration) ontop the paint. Here are some pics. Hope they prove useful.

Reggie Phoenix

Thank you for the amazing paints. They are incredible!!!! Easy to use and doesn't take alot even on darker surfaces for a bright long lasting glow. Had just enough for my project. I'm a huge How to Train your Dragon fan and got a large Toothless figurine, which I repainted with acrylics and than put the glow paint on his spikes and, back, and head for that glow effect to be close to him from the original movie. 





Submitted by: Danielle Lavoie
Materials Required:
Tikis, acrylic paint, glow powder, soft gel.
To make the glowing tiki paintings I designed the tikis and then painted them thickly with acrylic paint. When they had dried I added a glaze over the lighter areas of the glow powder mixed with a soft gel medium. I can't give exact ratios as I kind of played with it til I got an effect I wanted