WHAT IS IT? GLOW IN THE DARK POWDER- The raw material used for all glow in the dark products. (Alkaline earth aluminate activated by rare earth ions)

Why spend a fortune on Glow Products like Glow Gel, wax, paint, lures & jigs, when you can make it yourself for a fraction of the cost! It is so Simple....just stir into gel, paint or whatever!! Complete Instructions included!


 WHAT CAN I DO WITH IT? Use in any oil based medium; For pigments suitable for water bases please see ebay store :: Mix it in Gel or wax Candles :: Make Glow paint :: Add to Gel/acrylic nails or Top Coat :: Use in Powder coatings for vehicles :: Make amazing art work :: : Make ceiling murals and constellations :: Screen Printing :: And 1000's of more uses!

 HOW LONG DOES IT GLOW?**This is NOT ZINC SULFIDE-the old CHEAP style that lasts ONLY 1 hour

This is the NEXT GENERATION glow product that lasts up to 14 HOURS depending on color: green- 12-14 hrs, Aqua- 10hrs, blue- 8hrs, Violet- 2 hrs, White- 2 hrs, Pink- 2 hrs, yellow- 2 hrs, red and orange-2 hrs.

 HOW DO I CHARGE IT?With Any light source

 CAN IT BE RECHARGE?YES-Over & Over for 7-10 years or more

 HOW MUCH DO I NEED?A little goes a long way. Usage rate is 5-40% powder by weight. 1/2 oz will make 3/4 oz paint, 1oz will make 8 lbs in gel candles.

 DO I GET INSTRUCTIONS?YES! DETAILED Instructions & Recipes for the following:

Fishing Lures :: Gel Candles & Glow embeds :: Suspended objects in Gel Candles :: paraffin Candles :: Glow Ink :: Hidden Pictures :: Artificial Gel/ Acrylic Nails :: Identification Markings :: paint

All of the colors with the exception of glow red, orange and yellow are virtually invisible in daylight w CAN I SEE POWDER IN DAYLIGHT?hen applied on a white or light background.