Glow Cars


You can make you car/auto or vehicle glow in the dark using simple instructions and our premium glow in the dark auto paint and powder.We now have a procedure to apply the glow  pigment to make an entire glow in the dark car. Spray the car with the basecoat and clear coat in the regular fashion. While the clear is still very wet we apply the dry glow  pigment using a tribol powder application gun (powder coat gun) to get an even coat of pigment. Charge up powder and spray in the dark to assure an even distribution.( A small car will require 1 kg. Larger cars 1-2 kg)T hen we recoat with 3 coats of clear to obtain a smooth finish. Avoid the hood if possible, the glow may distract from driving.

Glow in the Dark Car Paint-Better than House of Color

General Information:

Depending on use and sun exposure, light fastness on some colors will be limited. The glow effect continues even if the color fades. Green Glow powder will provide the best glow and color retention when applied over a white base.


    Maximum glow occurs when our Glow in the dark powder is applied over a white base. Other colors/bases (such as Pearls, Kandys, Neons, Solid Kolors, etc.) may be used for unusual effects, but glow time will be less.


    Add 4 to 6 oz. of Glow Powder dry powder to 1 pint of ready to spray clear. Mix thoroughly. Mix only when ready to use. Stir between coats as setting occurs quickly. Spray immediately after mixing as this product may not store well when mixed. NOTE: An agitator cup can help keep product mixed during spraying. Use with Urethane Finishes.

    Top Coats for Lacquer Finishes:

    Apply 3 coats using a 75% pattern overlap when spraying. Allow plenty of flash time between coats. Clear with a compatible clear. For best glow time, apply over a white base.


    Glow time will vary based on application, base color and light exposure. Maximum glow time for green is 8-12 hours