Glow in the Dark Candles


Glow in the Dark Candles




Glow Gel Candles
These were created by She mixed 20 parts powder to 80 parts clear gel, then poured this mixture into a container filling it 1/8 inch high. Clear gel was then poured over top. Eluminescents, San Diego ,C


My first project with the glo powder (aqua) used a 16 in. bubble bowl with small bubble bowl insert. Then heated the gel to 250 F, added 1/2 oz of the powder..(probably could have used less?) let cool to 210 F, poured into bubble bowl about 1/2 way and poured the candle (sm bubble bowl ) put in the inserts; part resin , part glass..played with them about 10 min.
Finished the rest of the pour with clear gel...and voila ! Put it under a flourescent lamp for about 30 min. It just glows and glows..even without the candle part lit...this is great stuff !!! so glad I found your web site..


Gloria Fallo
New Orleans, LA. 70118



The powder is an opaque pigment that does not actually dissolve in candle gel, but rather is suspended. Mixing powder with candle gel (we recommend penreco MD or HD) creates a white opaque looking material. You cannot see through it. One method that we have used for this material is to pour a bottom layer of a powder/gel mix with a clear gel over pour. We have had the most success with a bottom layer, which is about 1/5 to 1/8, the depth of the candle.
The powder/gel mixture then provides bottom light, which glows through the clear gel. A very clear gel does not pick up the light. Objects or bubbles suspended in the gel reflect the light emitted by the Glow Powder and will be seen as suspended in midair. (So make lots of bubbles when you pour clear over it!) The way the Glow Powder is used is up to the artist's imagination! You can also make the entire candle with the glow powder/gel mix! It is all up to you!
A starting point is to make a 5% stock. 5 parts of Glow Powder mixed with 95 parts of melted gel. This is not a critical mix. Variations of this mix can be used depending on the effects you want to achieve. Get the temperature of the gel in the 200-210 F range. Fragrance Gel is done at much lower temperatures (140 F). Add the powder and mix well, Make sure that all the material is dispersed well in the solution and none remains on the bottom. Always mix well just before you pour. This stock solution can be reheated. Try to keep the same container for your stock solution and reheat and add your new material to it.


Glow Gel Embeds
Pour your gel/powder mix into a pan. Let cool, & using cookie cutters cut out pieces, or pour gel into molds. Stick the "glowing" gel pieces to the sides of candle dish, then pour clear gel over. They will appear suspended within gel!

Paraffin, Cream Crystalline
Make or purchase a paraffin candle. Melt candle wax, and following usage amounts, add glow powder. Make sure you mix well before dipping candles, because powder will settle. Dip your candle in 2 or 3 times, drying between each dip. You only need to do this for the last layers of wax to save on cost.


Gel Candles
Submitted by: Melissa Raynor

Materials Required:
Gel, Embeds and glow powder



This my newest one of moon and star. There is day and
night pics i hope these are better. I put straight
powder on bottom and the embeds were dipped in gel and
covered with powder with a little mixed in gel in
center of candle

floating candle
Submitted by: Patty Lewis
Materials Required:
glass container,heat sensitive wick,wax crystals,gravel,water proof decoration,chilled water


first I arrange gravel mix with ''ready set glo'' and add my water proof fish then fill glass jar up with water just little above my fish next add what ever color wax crystals you want, I mixed my colors, stick wick down in the middle and there you go floating fish candle

Ready Set Glo's Comments:
I just love this project, everyone thought it was cool the candle floating on top but then when I turn out the light and the bottom glo they just loved it. So now I have to make bunch more floati