Glow in the Dark Candles

Glow in the Dark Costumes

Submitted by: Justin Moore-Anatomical Light

Materials Required: prototype arm,silicone, xylene paint, glow powder, asorted brushes


Here are the photographs of a prototype arm I have prepared for your viewing. This is a life casting (glow in the dark costume/glow costumes) from my arm that represents what the entire suit will look like.

The suit that I am creating is constructed of a lycra spandex material. The glo powder is mixed within a silicone / xylene based paint that will cover the stretch suit.

As mentioned earlier, the application from the prototype arm, using a clear coat polyurethane, will be much different from the soft application of the silicone on the lycra suit.

Through using the material I have learned the various time and saturation levels for light, along with the specific need for application on the lycra/spandex (while retaining a vibrant glow.)

The red on the arm that forms the veins is a mixture of red and orange. I found that once the red has dissipated the orange still glows well, and that it conforms a little to the red as well.

The bone work was a mixture of orange, green, and violet wile the arteries were mixed with violet and blue. I would like to add some of your yellow and yellow pink to the background of the suit so that it may have a warmer appearance and color diversity.

The Aqua was used with green to create the pressure points and lines. I would like to mix some of the white powder in with that as well.

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