Glow in the Dark Fishing

Live Support Product Features:


Realtime Visitor Monitoring Chatting with your visitors
  • Monitor Website Traffic in Real-time.
  • Fast and Easy Navigation.
  • Block IP Address.
  • Send a pop-up window of special offer or change visitor current page with some special page.
  • Auto/Pro-active Chat Invitations.
  • Friendly Invitation.
  • Extensive Visitor Information System.
    (Geo location, search engine, time spent etc.)
  • Chat History of every visitor comes to your website.
  • Foot Prints (How many page visited and time spent by visitor on each page.)
  • Call Back & Call Back History

  • One to One Text Chat with WebSite Visitors
  • One Support Operator can Accept Multiple Chat Request
  • No Visitor Log-in or Sign-up Required
  • Chat History Pop-up on Initiating Chat
  • Serving Web Pages to Online Customers
  • Pre-written or Standardized Responses
  • Smilies (Emoticons) during chat
  • File Transfer during chat
  • Co-Browsing during chat session.
  • Customize Pre & Post Chat form
  • Leave Message form (if support operators offline)
  • Multiple Support Operators Sharing Chat Session
  • Typing Status Alerts
Look & Feel Customization Preferences & Setting Control
  • Fully Customizable Visitor Chat Windows
    (To match with your web site look & feel)
  • Ready Made Chat Windows Templates
  • Customizable Offline Message Form
  • Show visitor position in Chat Queue
  • Customizable Online and Offline Graphics
  • Graphics Customization at the Departmental and Page Level
  • Visitor Window Language Customization.
    (Chat window in multiple languages)
  • Language Support in Email Messaging
  • Fast and Easy Integration
  • Live Support Through more than One Department
  • Department Based Chat Session
  • Show visitor Queue Number in chat waiting status
  • Maximum waiting time by visitor in queue
  • Language Customization
  • Enable time base chat session
  • Operators auto logout from application
  • Auto Greeting Message on chat pick for every operator.
Supervising & Reporting Value Added Features
  • Administrative and Moderator Privileges
  • Administrator Chat Monitoring and Live Support
  • PPC Tracking and Hits Reporting
  • Complete Visitor Statistics Log (Application keeps track of visitors even if all support operators are off-line.
  • Chat Transcripts of All Chat Sessions, search, email etc.
  • Chat Sharing, Chat Transfer and Messaging to another Support Operator.
  • Administrator/Supervisor Monitoring of Running Chat Session and Participation.
  • Operator Assessment/ Performance Reports and Time Logs of Live Support Service.
  • Local Time Integration
  • Pass Custom Variables form Your Web Pages
  • Post Chat Survey
  • Friendly/Pro-active Chat Invitations (Auto or Pro-active)
  • SSL-based Tracking and Chat Codes to Secure Pages and Chat Sessions
  • Auto Pop-ups and User-defined Messaging
  • Page Specific Chat Invitation
  • Multiple Location Chat Invitation
  • Dual Interface with No Mandatory Downloads or Software Installation.
  • Pro-Popup or Change Visitor Page without chat.
  • Third Party Integration