Glow in the dark Nail Polish


Submitted by: unknown

Materials Required:
glow powder

Add a small amount of powder to your acrylic powder or gel system. Can be mixed ahead of time and stored as well. Can also be added to clear top coat for a more temporary effect. Use violet, green, blue or aqua and it will be invisible in the day and Glow amazingly at night! (5gm will do 10-15 sets)


Submitted by: Kelly Morris

Materials Required:
Violet glow powder, acrylic nail powder and liquid

Here is a picture of the glow in the dark nails that I made for myself. I used a small amount of the violet (looks blue in the picture) in my pink acrylic powder.

I love that just the pink glows! I get complements everywhere I go!! Thank you so much for a great product! I can't wait to try your new pink/yellow powder.

Glow Gel Nails
Submitted by: Rachel Mesenchuk, Blissfulnailz

Materials Required:
Violet glow powder, Gel nails (any brand)

Please find attached pictures of your glo product at work. I used violet powder mixed with gel nail products. I love it!

I think I mixed about half and half of voilet with a clear gel, to get a heavier white look for the daytime, but it still looks natural. When the product cures under a uv light, the glo powder really is on fire!

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Blue Glo UV Gel Nails
Submitted by: Allison

Materials Required:
UV Nail Gel, Blue glow powder

Here is a picture of 2 different sets of gel nails I did with your powder. For the French manicure look I mixed about 1/3 powder to 2/3 white u.v gel to do the free edge part of the nail. On the other set I mixed about half and half powder and clear gel. It worked very very well, better than I thought possible! Hope you enjoy

Ready Set Glo's Comments:
FAQ- Will glow powder show on Nails?
All the colors except for red orange and yellow, will be invisible when mixed in the white tip. When used in nail body, it will make gel slightly cloudy.

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Submitted by: unknown

Materials Required:
1/4 tsp photo luminescent pigment
1/2 oz. bottle of lacquer-based clear fingernail topcoat(wet & wild for example)
white out/correction fluid -for base coat
medicine dropper (for thinner)
paper for funnel
small bottle 1/2 oz. or larg

1. pour out 3/4 of the 1/2 oz. fingernail finish into the other empty bottle.
2. Pour Photoluminescent pigment into polish
3. Stir.
4. Use white out or a very white paint as base coat.
5. Dry then paint with glow paint (may need to shake again...powder tends to settle)
6. Apply 2-3 more thin coats until desired glow effect is reached.

If mixture is too thick add a couple drops paint thinner.

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