Glow in the Dark Vehicles.

Luminous Paint Project Scooter

My name is Brian Bruce and I wanted to thank you for your wonderful product. I'm attaching 2 photo's of my Go-ped (gas powered stand up scooter). I used the glow powder on the deck (the part you stand on) to give it a uniqueness like no ther scooter out there. First I painted the deck gloss black (acrilic) then made a stencil of the "mudflap" girl and painted the stencil area white (again acrilic) while the white paint was still wet, I dusted it with the green glow powder. I let that sit for 48 hours then shook off the excess powder. To preserve the look of my new scooter deck I took a 2 part epoxy resin and applied it to the deck which now provides a 1/2" clear coating over the painted surface. Since taking the pictures I've also painted my handlebars white and applied the green glow powder to them as well... Again I just wanted to thank you for an awesome product and I will surely be ordering more in the near future.

GlowPowder kicks ass, Brian