Glow Stars Murals.

Wall Murals / Constellations / Wall Decor

Submitted by: Gail swithenbank

Our glow in the dark paint and powders make excellent glow in the dark wall and ceiling murals. You can either purchase moon planet and star stencils at your local craft store, or design and cut out your own. Stencil glue can also be purchased to help hold them in place. Get creative! You can go as simple as making tiny glow dots all over your room to simulate glowing stars. Or as complicated as an actual constellation hemisphere! Why not add planets such as the moon, or Saturn!

Most of the paints and powders are virtually invisible in daylight! (exceptions are red yellow and orange) Remember, for best effect paint on a white/light background, paint a couple layers to achieve a smooth effect, and work with a blacklight (or in the dark!)

Glow in the Dark Wall Mural

Materials Required:

* Interior White wall Paint
* 2 or 3 sponges and assorted paint brushes
* Stencils (optional)
* READY SET GLO"S premium glow paints
* Sealant or Top Coat
* Moon or Star Shaped night light

You can make a glow in the dark wall mural very simply using our premixed glow paints. By day, this cityscape mural makes a great backdrop for playing with toy cars and trucks. When the sun goes down, all it takes is a night-light to illuminate the buildings and night sky.


First, make sure the wall you plan to decorate is clean and dry. Then pour a shallow layer of white wall paint into a flat-bottomed container (you need an opaque white undercoat to make the buildings clearly visible during daylight).