Glowing Fish Bowl Embeds

Glowing Fish bowl with embeds
Submitted by: Gloria Fallo, New Orleans, LA. 70118

Materials Required:
Fish bowl, glow powder, gel candle,embeds

My first project with the glo powder (aqua) used a 16 in. bubble bowl with small bubble bowl insert. Then heated the gel to 250 F, added 1/2 oz of the powder..(probably could have used less?) let cool to 210 F, poured into bubble bowl about 1/2 way and poured the candle (sm bubble bowl ) put in the inserts; part resin , part glass..played with them about 10 min.
Finished the rest of the pour with clear gel...and voila ! Put it under a flourescent lamp for about 30 min. It just glows and glows.. even without the candle part lit...this is great stuff !!! so glad I found your web site..