July /10 Hits The Search Engine Top Spots

USA/WORLDWIDE, - July 2010 - hit the headlines on most international search engines this week, after obtaining some of the most coveted spots on the largest and most popular household name internet sites. A leading supplier in the glow powder and pigments market, they came from obscurity in the internet world to become one of the highest ranked websites in their field.

The site, a highly innovative and quality presentation, now has a high profile image on the world wide web to match its online service offering.

Global players including (the leading Microsoft worldwide search engine), and found themselves with the site ranked on their first page result listings just a few days ago with each entry being specific to consumers in their market.

Pushing away their competitors, the site now commands a higher profile both in the USA and indeed worldwide, and can be found from Venice and Sydney to New York And Los Angeles.

With its increased online image, it now welcomes all of its new consumers to its website, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


May /10 -New website

New website and shopping cart launched. Easy to navigate and user friendly. Now customers can login to view order status.


Premium Quality Luminescent Paint is the answer to glow painting!

When the Chemists at Ready Set Glo, leading worldwide retailer and wholesaler of luminescent pigments, decided to tackle the area of luminescent paint production, they were delighted by the outcome. Not only were they able to formulate a technology advanced product, but were able to overcome existing glow paint problems. RSG is an institute dedicated to the establishment of quality products and superior service.

"A significant number of our customers have been asking for a breakthrough like this" . Says Stephen, Vice President. "They were anxious about the release of the new paints. Although glow powder can be readily mixed by our customers, it is difficult to overcome certain aspects that took us months of development time."

RSG's premium acrylic solvent based paints are intended for interior or exterior use, offer premium durability and outstanding glow times.

Ready set glo is a leading provider in Luminescent products, headquartered in Gimli, Manitoba, with dealers worldwide. The company is committed to industry leadership and innovation, as demonstrated by the launch of their new Glow Paints.


Ready Set Glo announced that it acquired Sourdough Bays Heat "N Dip Powder Paints.

Sourdough Bay is a manufacturer of quality fishing tackle/lures, who is a major supplier to fishing outlet stores across Canada and the USA. According to Shannon lebel, President of Ready Set Glo, "The acquisition of Sourdough Bay Products is an integral component in our growth plan for Canada and the USA. Sourdough Bay is a well respected and recognized brand which will provide RSG with a significant position in the market place.

Ready Set Glo was founded in 2000, and has grown to become the market leader in Canada, the US and abroad.

Decemeber /03 -In Fisherman's Ice Report Features RSG

As seen in the popluar annual Ice Report by In fisherman Magazine! Page 100.