Extreme G12 Invisible Green Glow in the Dark Powder

 Extreme G12 Green Glow in the Dark Powder

check-mark-small.jpg Initial brilliance - Extreme- Chartreuse green

check-mark-small.jpg Day Color-Whitish/yellow, virtually invisible on white or light backgrounds

 check-mark-small.jpg Highest Commercial Grade Powder in the Market-Guaranteed

check-mark-small.jpg After Glow - 24 Plus hours   

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READY SET GLO is the World's foremost distributors of GLOW IN THE DARK PAINTS. We offer the highest brilliance available in a glow paint on market...guaranteed! Our NEXT GENERATION long persistence Extreme G12 glow paints are manufactured using the latest in self-emitting light technology that is un-matched by our competitors. They are the perfect combination of liquid resin, diluting agent and suspension agent . The brightness and length of persistence time is ten times than those of conventional phosphor; zinc sulfide found in your local stores.They can be recharged over and over indefinitely.


This new type of luminous paint is used for many very different technical and artistic purposes due to its characteristics. It can be used in the application of consumer products such as
stationery goods; watches; novelties; and sporting goods. It has good effects in the fields of building; decoration; traffic vehicle; military installations; fire emergency system. It is
especially suitable for the production of long afterglow safety products such as warning; mandatory and escape-route signs. You can view projects submitted to us by clients by clicking
on the "Projects" link.

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